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DreamCatcher_logoThe decision to help a loved one transition into one of many Wichita nursing homes is almost never an easy one.  We want to be able to provide for our family members for as long as possible, but the simple truth is that sometimes their needs are greater than we are capable of meeting.  Today’s nursing homes are a far cry from the mental image that many people conjure up in their minds, and taking tours of a few of them can really help give you a better perspective.

If your loved one needs around the clock medical care and supervision, a nursing home is almost certainly the best option.  You will find that homes are fully staffed with medical professionals, and many offer a high staff to patient ratio in order to offer a high quality of care.  Taking a tour of the facility is always advisable, and while taking a look at living and communal spaces, it is worthwhile to speak to both residents and staff members about life in the home.  With the right research, you can find a nursing home that has excellent staff members, a great track record, and a living situation that will make your loved one both safe and happy.

At The Eldercare Channel of Wichita, KS, we know that the decision to transition a loved one into a nursing home can be difficult.  We work to offer resources and information to help with this and many other transitions and issues.  To the right, you will find that we offer a comprehensive directory of area nursing homes in order to help make your search easier. Our video host, Stan T. Webb, has been successfully providing financial advice and insurance services to his clients since 1986.

We understand that every senior's needs and resources are different. We strive to make sure everyone gets the best possible information needed to make the most informed decisions. We at DreamCatcher Wealth Management have been helping educate our clients on important financial decisions since 1986. To learn more of our process or contact us directly, please click on our logo or my name or call (316) 265-5151.

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