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DreamCatcher_logoWelcome to the Wichita Hospice section. Dealing with terminal illness is tough for family members.  Knowing when it is time to bring in a hospice worker or send a family member to a hospice facility is difficult, and accepting that the end is near can be emotionally devastating.  With that said, however, hospice care is a wonderful service that can help provide not only pain relief, but emotional and spiritual support for both patients and their loved ones. You will find that hospice care can be provided in the home or in a specialized medical facility, and both options can have many benefits.  Taking the time to choose based on the wishes and needs of your loved one can be very helpful.  It is also important to review insurance plans to see what services and facilities are covered, as long as how much coverage is provided. If your loved one is in need of hospice care, let us help you find a facility or worker.  The directory on the right, provided by financial advisor Stan T. Webb, makes it easy to contact hospice providers in our area.  At The Eldercare Channel of Wichita, KS, we know how difficult end of life decisions can be, and we want to provide seniors and caregivers with the options needed to help make them easier. We understand that every senior's needs and resources are different. We strive to make sure everyone gets the best possible information needed to make the most informed decisions. We at DreamCatcher Wealth Management have been helping educate our clients on important financial decisions since 1986. To learn more of our process or contact us directly, please click on our logo or my name or call (316) 265-5151.

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