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Hello and welcome to the Wichita Eldercare Physicians section. Eldercare physicians are medical doctors who have received special training in recognizing, addressing, and treating illnesses, conditions, and diseases that are commonly associated with aging.  Working with a doctor whose specialty is in the treatment of seniors means working with someone who understands your needs and your changing body and health.  From knowing which screenings to perform regularly to understanding the latest treatments, there are many benefits to working with an eldercare doctor. Health insurance costs are certainly on the rise, and catching a disease or condition early can often greatly reduce the cost and duration of treatment.  This means that it is crucial to find a doctor who is willing to put your health first.  When choosing a doctor, it is always advisable to look at their background and education, as well as to find someone with good reviews who is willing to take the time to discuss your care with you, your caregivers, and other members of your medical team. At The Eldercare Channel of Wichita, KS, we recognize the importance of quality medical care.  We work to provide seniors and their caregivers with an excellent source of information on many senior issues and concerns.  Here you will find that we have created a directory of eldercare physicians located in our area. Our video host, Stan T. Webb, has been successfully providing financial advice and insurance services to his clients since 1986.

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