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Thank you for visiting the Eldercare Channel of Wichita Eldercare Consultants section. Making sure that your finances, insurance, estate, and long term plans are prepared is critical for seniors today.  Life expectancies have risen considerably, which means stretching a pension for years or even decades longer than originally planned, but it can also mean an increase in overall medical and insurance costs, too.  Eldercare consultants can help with many of the financial worries and concerns that affect us in our later years. There are many different types of eldercare consultants, and each offers unique services.  Elder attorneys can help with will preparation as well as things like fraud and abuse claims, while estate planners can help you prepare the distribution of assets for after you have passed away.  Insurance professionals can help you make sure that you have critical coverage in place, while financial planners can help you balance your budget and make changes so that the money you have coming in will last the remainder of your life.  Other eldercare consultants include real estate agents and geriatric care managers. At The Eldercare Channel of Wichita, KS, we know that there are many issues facing seniors today.  We work hard to provide a wide range of resources, including articles, tips, and more for seniors as well as their caregivers.  You will find that we have created a directory that will help make it easier to find eldercare consultants in your area. Our video host, Stan T. Webb, has been successfully providing financial advice and insurance services to his clients since 1986

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Dealing With Change - Wichita, KS Therapist & Life Coach

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